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Why we're here today -

That the community may know that St Bertoline's is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it

in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say

"We would see Jesus".

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St Bertoline’s –Why we’re here.

That the community we serve may know that St Bertoline’s is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say, “We would see Jesus”.

The Rectory Barthomley February 15th 2019

My dear Friends,

The following announcement was made to the Parochial Church Council on January 16th and repeated at the Service on Sunday 20th:

‘As you may know the Licence as Priest-in-charge of Barthomley has to be renewed annually from the time the holder of the Licence reaches 75 years old. This process has been followed for the last nine years, with the agreement of the Bishop, Churchwardens ( and PCC since 2018) and myself.

The Bishop and I, together with Angela, have agreed that the time has come for us to retire while we still have the energy to move and enjoy retirement, and before the Bishop himself retires.

My present Licence will expire on July 20th, my 84th birthday, and Angela will have just passed her 75th. This means that our last Sunday here will be on July 14th. The July meeting of the PCC will be held on July 10th, and the Strawberry Tea in the Rectory Garden for St Luke’s Hospice will be on Sunday 23rd June.

After much searching the Church of England Pension Board’s retirement housing arm, CHARM, have acquired a bungalow in Sandbach Heath for us to retire to in July/August.’

Meanwhile, March is focussed on Lent. Last year we had a very good series of house meetings at the Rectory, using the first part of the Pilgrim Course. This year we shall move on to part two, “The Lord’s Prayer”. As last year we shall meet on Thursday afternoons at the Rectory

beginning at 2pm, and away by 4pm. The first meeting is on Thursday 7th March, then each Thursday, same time, same place. The final session is on April 11th. Do tell me if you would like to join us.

Angela and I send our best wishes to you all.

Darrel Speedy

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