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October 22nd 2016 The Rectory Barthomley

My dear Friends,

Seventeen days to go, and still counting!

This US Presidential election goes from strength to strength in its absurdity with each succeeding day. Whenever it’s reckoned that the very depths have been plumbed, it is only to find that the basement had not been reached.

It is frightening to realise just how much depends on the character, ability and political intentions of the winner, not just for the people of America, but for the future of the whole world at least until 2020.

Before we adopt a superior attitude to what is happening across ‘the pond’, we might be well advised to look at what has been evolving on our side of the water, both at home and on the continent. Not only here but across the Channel, there has been an abandonment of the middle ground, with the upsurge of extremes to left and right.

“Put not your trust in princes”, said the Psalmist two and a half thousand years ago. Matters have not altered a great deal over the millennia

it seems. We may ask what has brought about this outburst of feeling against what is seen as the entrenched establishment’s hold on humanity’s affairs. Why are so many, in so many parts of the world, feeling so frustrated at our ineffectiveness in dealing with the problems and threats that face us all.

It is very easy for us to blame our failure on ‘them’, whoever they may be at any particular point in human history. It is dodging the reality of the situation to put the blame for the world’s ills upon a few, when the reality is that we are each and every one of us sharers in that responsibility.

It is not just those who make unfulfilled promises for improvement in mankind’s lot who carry the blame, but all of us who fail to realise our own share of that burden.

The prophets of old told of a time when people of every race and nation would come from East and West, North and South and turn from their own self-frustrated endeavours, and return to the law of love for God and neighbour. Clearly, we are not there yet! Best wishes, Darrel Speedy

STOP PRESS !! 11.30pm

The Cheese and Wine, with Auction of Promises, jointly promoted by the Barthomley Action Group and the Church Council, has just drawn to a conclusion after an excellent evening in the Village Hall. I am facing fifty-four wine glasses to wash and return to the Hall by morning. Mere numbers do not begin to express what an enjoyable evening it has been once again, after a three year interval since the last similar occasion. The Auction was closely contended under Brian Whittaker’s skilled hammer. Too early for any estimate of the monetary benefit for BAG’s efforts to ward off encroachment upon our Green Belt land at Radway, but the scheduled lots in the auction had realised over £2,000 when I lost count.

BAG and the PCC thank all who played any part in the evening’s success.

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