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Why we're here today -

That the community may know that St Bertoline's is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it

in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say

"We would see Jesus".

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St Bertoline’s –Why we’re here.

That the community we serve may know that St Bertoline’s is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say, “We would see Jesus”.

The Rectory

January 18th 2019 Barthomley

My dear Friends,

To sing a psalm or a hymn is to pray twice – the framing of the words and the making of the music. So music in Church is a transforming way for us to worship God in an extra dimension.

For twenty years or so, maybe more, we have been blessed with having those who by their skill and devotion have elevated our worship and praise to a new level, encouraging and helping us with lesser abilities to share in some small way their gift in the Church’s life at Barthomley. That too has brought fellow worshippers from far and wide to join us in prayer and praise, both from week to week and on the great occasions of the Church’s year.

We have been privileged to have been led in our music in these years by Kingsley Evans with choir members from St Mary’s and Christ Church. Their efforts inspired the provision of the new organ in the early years of the millennium. Over the last twelve years Gill Thorley has nobly carried forward the baton to the present. She has given unstinted time and energy, not just to rehearsing and conducting the choir since 2006, but putting in hours to planning for the festivals of the Church’s year, especially for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

We are sad , but sympathetic and understanding as she tells us that the time has come for her to hand on her mantle to the future. As we hear this we are wishing both Gill and Denis every blessing for the future, and that they may be able to enjoy to the best the freedom of opportunity which retirement will bestow.

Thank you Gill for all that you have done. We shall do our utmost to carry on the good work as best we may. May our continuing musical team shine ahead and hopefully awaken new talent to blossom among us.

With best wishes to all,

Darrel Speedy

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