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Why we're here today -

That the community may know that St Bertoline's is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it

in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say

"We would see Jesus".

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St Bertoline’s –Why we’re here.

That the community we serve may know that St Bertoline’s is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say, “We would see Jesus”.

April 11th 2018 The Rectory Barthomley

My dear Friends,

May will see us into our Summer Season of organ recitals at St Bertoline’s. We are very grateful for the willingness of the organists to come and enable us to hear the organ for its own sake.

Each of the recitals is to be on the third Friday of the month from 12noon-1pm: This is the programme:

May 18th Graham Brown

June 15th Philip Crookall

July20th George Robey

August 17th John Beasley

September 21st Graham Brown

Over the last few years these short lunch-time recitals have become quite a feature in our church’s programme. Do come and join with our regular audience of twenty or so. Coffee is served beforehand, admission is free, and it’s quite acceptable to come and go between items of the programme.

I wonder why ‘forty’ is such a significant biblical number in both Old and New Testaments: the Israelites forty years in the wilderness, the reign’s length for outstanding kings, the forty days of Christ’s in the wilderness, forty days of Easter– the resurrection of Christ - till his departure to heaven on Ascension Day.

Many of these ‘forty’ periods are times of preparation for something

life-changing. Certainly those long years in the wilderness before arriving in the ’promised land’ were a time of great sorting out and getting ready for a new world among the Israelites. So, too, those forty days of fasting for Jesus before the beginning of his ministry were life shaping for him and for those who responded to him, both positively and negatively.

, So, too, the days of the presence of the Risen Christ among his disciples were a vital preparation for them to receive the power of the Spirit, and to take up Christ’s challenge to go out into all the world and baptize all everywhere in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. That challenge is still with us, as with every generation.

Best wishes to you all,

Darrel Speedy

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