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"We would see Jesus".

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Jun 14th 2017 The Rectory


My dear Friends,

Twice a year we have a double edition of Parish News – December/January and this time, July/August. For some reason these are the occasions when I find it most taxing to write this letter. Perhaps it is because things are stretched out so far ahead. At this time of year we have just come to the end of our yearly reliving of the story of our salvation. Next Sunday is the first of the twenty Sundays after Trinity – pretty well half the year and a sea of green in church till the end of October with just one interruption on August 6th which is the Feast of the Transfiguration.

In our three-yearly cycle, this is Year A – St Matthew’s Gospel being the anchor for our bible readings. Our last two Sundays of June and July 2nd have been recording Jesus’ calling and preparation of his disciples for their mission. July recalls the teaching of Jesus himself with a series of agriculturally based parables and their interpretation, together with parables of the kingdom and the promise of the abundant harvest of the kingdom of heaven.

The record of the mission and martyrdom of John the Baptist is left out because that will be a major theme during Advent. Nevertheless, there is an increasing tension brewing between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. They see Jesus as a serious threat to their legalistic approach to matters of faith. At the end of August we shall be reading of the apostles acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah at Caesarea Philippi, together with his command to tell nobody of this, and what lies ahead for him as he sets out on the final journey to Jerusalem. That journey we shall follow through September and October.

Matthew’s gospel is written by a Jew for Jews. It is full of claims that Jesus is the fulfilment of the Old Testament promise of the Messiah, an argument that would be found powerful among his readers, convincing for those persuaded by them, but infuriating for those who rejected such claims.

A little Summer exercise as you wait patiently for our September edition: the Gospel readings for each Sunday are printed in the calendar opposite for you to read beforehand.

Have a good Summer!

Best wishes to all,

Darrel Speedy

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