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March 19th 2017 The Rectory Barthomley

My dear Friends,

This morning we have had the Annual Meeting as part of the Sunday morning eucharist. Here are a few extracts from our proceedings.

The meeting began with the Vestry, at which Christine Bailey was re-elected as our Churchwarden for another year, with acclamation and our thanks for her devotion to the role.

We then moved on to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. The newly revised Electoral Roll was presented and adopted. We have had one loss from this with the death of Iris Hounslow last December, but with the addition of Mr and Mrs Alan and Jackie Smith. The Roll now stands at 108. This is the year in which a new Deanery Synod is elected. Carolyn Allcock has stood down after nine years representing us. Her place has been taken by Jackie Smith, who now also becomes a member of the PCC for the next three years.

The election of PCC members for the year ahead showed no change, but later in the meeting it was agreed that from 2018 we will restrict the membership to twelve – the number laid down for a parish of this size.

Len Griffin, our Treasurer, presented the PCC accounts for 2016. He warned of the trying times that are looming over the horizon for Church finances. He thanked the parish that our generosity and efforts mean that we are favourably placed to cope with the problems that may lie in wait in the years ahead. He was warmly thanked for his efforts, both in finance and in many aspects of the church life.

The PCC has held its usual bi-monthly meetings, with an open meeting in May when a presentation ‘Looking Ahead’ was shared with non members. The Church Officers meet in the alternate months to continue the PCC’s affairs and plan ahead.

Having completed the Restoration Programme and Project 14 work, we now have the prospect of our next Quinquennial Survey by our architect. This falls due during the next twelve months. Our second most expensive outgoing, after our Parish Share payments, is the insurance of the church - £5,550 in 2016.

The fabric of St Bertoline’s is insured for £10,500,000 – the recommended valuation, No claim has been needed in 2016.

Gill Thorley reported on the whole area of music at St Bertoline’s, thanking the members of the choir and organists for their continuing support in maintaining the high standards of our musical tradition. She in turn was thanked for her hard work and patience as our Musical Director

I highlighted the growing co-operation with the community, BAG’s joint efforts in social events, as well as the vital role in Barthomley of the Village Hall and the work of its Management Committee.

I also thanked all those whose skill, hard work and leadership in many aspects of the Church’s life have made the ministry in Barthomley for Angela and me such a joy.

With best wishes for Easter Darrel Speedy

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