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Why we're here today -

That the community may know that St Bertoline's is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it

in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say

"We would see Jesus".

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St Bertoline’s –Why we’re here.

That the community we serve may know that St Bertoline’s is here to profess the faith, to celebrate it in worship and prayer, and to share it in fellowship, so that we may say, “We would see Jesus”.

The Rectory

February 17th 2018 Barthomley

My dear Friends,

It’s been said that a week is a long time in politics. There are other spheres beside politics where everything can be turned on its head over a brief seven days.

From the very beginning, the Church has recognised those seven days between Palm Sunday and Easter as the great deciding event in human existence. What is this? It is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ – the ‘free gift’ from the Creator to his creation.

St Paul writes continually about this ‘free gift’ as the very foundation of Christian belief. Yet how much that notion of ‘free gift’ has changed since his day. In Paul’s day, the ‘gift’ was a fundamental part of society’s structure. It laid the foundation for the personal relationship between people in every walk of life: emperor to his subjects, rich man to his tenants and servants, trader to his patrons, most important of all God to those whom he creates, sustains and saves.

Today, apart from individual presents to family and friends, our giving and receiving are anonymous. We give and receive through our taxation, through charities we support. There is no inter-personal relationship any more between giver and recipient. We are now responsible through society towards society, no longer to and for one another The basic bricks and mortar of our life together have been largely dispensed with, replaced by enforced extraction(tax) and conscience battering charities. Gratitude and acknowledgement for the personal gift are now a matter of rights and entitlements under the system.

This is a far-reaching change which alters our understanding of those seven days of Holy Week. For Paul and those of his time, the ‘gift’ of Jesus Christ to us was intensely personal, sealing the relationship of each one to God. There have been times in our Christian history when this has been lost; times when the Church has become the great all powerful charitable empire, distributing God’s anonymous ‘gift’ of salvation as it saw fit and to whom it considered worthy, appropriate and responsive with the expected pay-back in support, obedience and giving.

God’s gift at Easter is for each of us, and it is free. It is undeserved. It is unconditional. It is there, whether we respond or not.

God’s gift of himself in Jesus Christ is given in these seven days. “Loves redeeming work is done.” Happy Easter,

Darrel Speedy

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