Location of Rows of Graves

Some of the rows deviate from a straight line but most are N – S. Rows A to V are on the South side of the church, and AA to YY are on the North.

EP Gravestones from inside the church were relaid to form a path along the E of the church during the 19C. This path continues around the church but the stones are listed with the appropriate row.

Row Location
A S from gate to Old Rectory up to the hedge at the E end of the church
B S along boundary fence to Old Rectory
C S along boundary fence to Old Rectory
D S from line of S buttress, in line with path along E side of church
E S in line from most easterly S buttress
I S in line from 2nd buttress from E
J S in line between 2nd & 3rd buttresses from E
K S in line from 3rd buttress from E
M S in line with W edge of S W window
N S in line from 4th (most westerly) buttress
O First row below small bank From W edge of last buttress
P S in line up to W end of S aisle
Q S from tower
R S from tower W of S wall 2nd row
S S level with W edge of tower
T S clear of tower from main path to W door
U S from top of upper steps to W door
V S from steps along boundary wall
AA N from Old Rectory gate along boundary fence
CC N in angle between path to Old Rectory and path (EP) across E end of church
EE N in between line of path and Vestry door
FF N in line of E wall of vestry
GG ½ row starting with stone??
HH N from N wall of vestry
JJ N from W buttress of vestry
KK N from Chancel wall between vestry & N aisle
LL N from E wall of N aisle
MM N in line with 1st buttress N aisle (excluding corner)
NN N from 1st buttress to West
OO N from 2nd buttress to West
PP N from S aisle along E side of porch
QQ N from gate on N porch
RR N from W wall of N porch
SS N from clock line & boiler room steps
TT N from tower door & W edge of tower
UU N from W side of tower: 1m bank along W side of tower
WW Next but one row adjacent to W wall of churchyard
YY N along W boundary wall